About VaVoom

About VaVooM.nl

Hello! My name is Vareska, and in daily life I am a PhD student at the Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands). As a PhD-student my job basically is to conduct a research project, which typically takes about 4 years. I started in October 2003, so I am now entering the phase where everyone seems to have woken up wondering: "should you not be writing?".

The title of my research project is: "Corporate Diversification into High Growth Industries". The focus is on corporate entreprenurship and external technology sourcing, which means that I am looking at the way companies acquire technologies for the development of new businesses. In practice this means that I sometimes do some teaching, but most often find myself sitting behind my laptop for about 50 hrs a week, reading and writing.

I live in Belgium, which proves to be more challenging for a Dutch girl than I could ever imagine. It seems that the only thing we have in common is the languege, and that is even worth a debate. And although I very often think they are crazy, I very much enjoy the relaxed way of living. Good restaurants, many beers, and long nights is what you can expect here!

My main interest is in travelling. As far as I know, I have always had a great interest in travelling. Moreover, I believe that the greatest thing about travelling is to meet other people and learn about other cultures. This is what eventually makes you a richer person, earning more money is not. The aim of this website, however, is not to provide a digital photobook of my journeys, but to show some of the highlights and the intineraries. Hopefully it inspires you to go and visit some of these places as well!


P.S. For the people that have been asking me why I chose VaVooM.nl for my website: when my classmates tried to abbreviate the 'extremely long' name Vareska, this resulted in Vares, or Va. When Felix the Cat became more popular in the Netherlands, the latter was sometimes prolongued again as Vavoom, and I have been using it as a nick ever since.

e-mail: info@vavoom.nl